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03_Seger Nelson_BK in taqəš 1000.png

Photos: Seger Nelson

Photo_Dave Mai_MAMBO_1000.png

Photo: Dave Mai

Ballet Kelowna
November 19, 2022
7:30 pm

Founded in 2002, Ballet Kelowna is the only professional dance company in BC’s Interior and delivers compelling and inspiring performances to regional, national, and international audiences.

Ballet Kelowna is presenting Mambo and Other Works.


taqeš by Tla’amin Nation choreographer Cameron Fraser-Monroe to music by composer Jeremy Dutcher. This piece tells the traditional story "Raven Returns the Water", centering on Poho (Raven) and Walo (Frog).


Choreographer Guillaume Cote brings strength and fragility to a fascinating interpretation of Maurice Ravel's famous Bolero. A captivating piece with breathtaking lifts.


MAMBO by Alysa Pires draws the crowd to Latin, swing and jazz rhythms performed by musical legends such as Dean Martin, Perry Como, and others.

View the video trailer for MAMBO and Other Works

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