Middle Raged
A comedy sketch show by Geri Hall and Gary Pearson
November 5, 2021
7:30 pm

‘That time of life when you’re running out of time.’

Middle Raged is a hilarious sketch comedy show that explores the ridiculous nature of life from 30 to 65, when the bloom is off the rose, but the thorns are sharper than ever.
The humour comes from relatable situations and challenges from the struggle to write your will, to the ongoing effort to keep things spicy in the bedroom (Outlander role play anyone?) It explores child rearing in confusing modern times, financial struggles, trying to keep your spirits up despite attending too many funerals. Ah, the joys of middle age.

HEART is at the center of this side splitting 2 person sketch show by stage and TV veterans Geri Hall (22 Minutes, Second City) and Gary Pearson (MadTV, Corner Gas).

Ripe with song parodies, physical comedy and eerily relatable situations, it is a show that promises its audiences wall to wall laughter.