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Royal Manitoba Theatre Centre
Assassinating Thomson 
written and performed by Bruce Horak
February 23, 2023
7:30 pm

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Assassinating Thomson is a one man play written and performed by Bruce Horak, a well-established theatre and visual artist who lost 90% of his vision after a childhood battle with cancer.
The play is named for an unsolved mystery in Canadian art history - the mysterious drowning in 1917 of Group of Seven precursor and iconic painter Tom Thomson in an Ontario Lake. The mystery takes you from the tiny community of Canoe Lake to our nation’s capital, and eventually to the world stage. Art, politics, greed, ambition, love and murder are intertwined.
Tom Thomson’s story is a tangled one, but we’re in the hands of a brilliant storyteller. Bruce captures the mystery in a stunning monologue about Canadian art and artists, and during the performance he also paints a group portrait of the audience before him.


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